A UI designer by trade, he works on the UI for the game! Additionally, he got the team together, found contributors and runs things like the website, the social media and much more. He has an impressive way of finding people and knowing all the right places to look for them.



He is always very busy working on the core of the engine and making sure it's running beautifully. Having many years of professional experience as a programmer and having released a Steam game before certainly helps!

3D Artists


Special Bread

Tasked with making for the faction called "Earth Defense Alliance" (E.D.A.). Has been working on mods for years, and is the lead developer of the Nomads faction. With Sanctuary he's also helping out with some of the math like the targeting code, curve magic and giving tips on organizing the scripting into something that will work really well. He is also quite active on discord so you’ll be seeing him around a lot!



Tasked with making models for the faction called "the Chosen". This guy is the artist behind the Revamp Expansion Mod! There's a good chance you've seen his renders before. If you see a sleek and curvy design in the game, it's one of his!

unknotgwn (3).png

Kubo Wu

Tasked with making for the faction called "the Guard", as an initial task. If ever there was a Swiss knife, this guy is it! What can't he do? 3D Modeler and artist extraordinaire, likes to do his modelling in Virtual Reality. He worked for years as an artist for Netflix making high quality models.




Our graphics magician! A technical artist and is really, really good! He made two map editors in Unity, and knows all the tricks to get thousands of units to render really quickly. He will be getting our game to look stunning, writing shaders, animation systems, and much more behind the scenes to make things epic!



Our general-purpose code wizard! On an epic quest for ultimate performance, he has been working on heavy hitting parts of the game like the scripting implementation, pathfinding, terrain, and other bits that need every bit of performance they can get. Performing unknowable magic like making calculations run on the GPU, tripling performance daily, implementing things like LuaJIT, and working with low level code is what he does.

speed2 (1).png


Our main Lua scripter. A campaign wizard, he will be putting together the whiteboxing stage of the game. He also has quite the solid balance notions and gameplay ideas. An all around good game designer.

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Has been tasked with the animation code. It's no small feat animating 10 000 models simultaneously. It requires a whole new code that Unity does not provide. He's exploring uncharted lands for us and the results are astounding! If you ever want to have a 8-hour long conversation about Zero K, hardware, or ladder diagrams, trust you me, he's your man.



A jack of all trades, will take on any task and see it through. One of our full stack programmers, working on the engine and lua scripting. Comes from a background of working on RVE as well. He's recently put in the cinematic camera plus and a grid placement system for buildings.

Hobbyist Contributors



Our backend guy. He does this professionally and is a genius with C#.