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The year is 2554 and mankind has colonized the entirety of the solar system. However, pollution and overpopulation threaten humanity with extinction.

In order to solve this problem, the super AI, IVY, proposes the creation of a Dyson Sphere to serve as a man-made paradise for all of humanity.

This artificial heaven was named “Sanctuary”.

Sanctuary is a Dyson Sphere, a megastructure large enough to encase the sun and harvest its energy. Being several kilometers thick, Sanctuary is approximately 563 Earths above the surface of the sun. It was built by countless autonomous worker bots which later served to maintain the sphere from a network of maintenance tunnels within Sanctuary. In order to make the colossal structure, all mass in the solar system and part of the Sun itself was harvested completely with the exception of the Earth and its Moon.

As Sanctuary grew in size, IVY started to become overwhelmed by the complexity and number of tasks, which extended beyond Sanctuary. In order to manage the sphere’s many essential systems, IVY created a second super AI: Ra. Ra was put in charge of the many systems of the sphere in addition to  the numerous worker bots responsible for keeping it running. Using Sanctuary itself, both as hardware and as an energy source, Ra grew to become the most complex and expansive AI ever made.

The inside of the sphere is a hot, uninhabitable hellscape. Contained within, are the crucial solar collection systems which constantly harvest energy from the sun to power Sanctuary, a number of mass generation facilities, and life support systems. Solar panels and thermal transformers are affixed to the underside of Sanctuary in vast arrays to process the raw energy of the sun.

The outer side of Sanctuary was constructed to be as similar to native Earth as possible. The gravity and atmosphere are practically identical, and many biomes native to Earth have been replicated, although several new ones have been created as well. Lush vibrant forests, vast oceans and expansive savannas cover the sphere from end to end. Although more extreme biomes such as tundras and deserts do exist, they are smaller and more tame in nature when compared to their Earthly counterparts. Even then, they’re closely monitored and controlled by the AI Ra to prevent undesirable effects.

A number of apertures in Sanctuary exist in order to let sunlight out. The biggest of these openings is called Eclipse, which is responsible for providing sunlight to Earth. The rotation of Sanctuary was adjusted in a way that the Eclipse is aligned with the Earth at all times.

A system of orbiting mirrors is responsible for providing sunlight to the outer layer of the sphere. These mirrors work in conjunction with numerous focused apertures which consolidate the light before passing it through the Sanctuary.

Atmosphere is constantly being produced and lost at compensating rates, allowing for stable ecosystems. Areas directly on the edge of fissures are devoid of atmosphere, and those near it have thinner atmosphere when compared to other sections of the sphere.

Besides “natural” humans there are beings known as the Chosen who also inhabit the sphere. They are humans who have had their minds remade via “ascension” into highly advanced metal bodies and their minds are composed of liquid, light energy matrices. Extremely intelligent, the Chosen have come to rule most of mankind. Although their rule has brought many benefits, a schism between the Chosen and the paramilitary group EDA (Earth Defense Alliance) threatens to tear humanity apart.

As Sanctuary neared completion, a controversial and radical plan was proposed. The public was deceived into believing in order to expedite the completion of Sanctuary, the Moon would be vacated and its mass harvested for Sanctuary. Yet in truth the Moon's movement was plotted for nefarious purposes, born from the high socio political tensions between the Humans and Chosen. This plan was met by outrage by both the Mortal Humans and the Benevolent Chosen. The EDA claimed this was a political move by the Chosen to finally control humanity as a whole. Nevertheless, the plan proceeded and the Moon was transported by massive thrusters from its orbit around Earth to its new home in Sanctuary.

During the final approach of the incoming Moon, disaster struck. On the Moon's final approach, something went wrong and it failed to slow down, continuing unabated on a collision course for Sanctuary. Attempts were made to re-route or destroy the Moon, all in vain. In the end, the inhabitants of Sanctuary could do nothing but watch helplessly.

The Earth’s Moon collided with Sanctuary, at enormous speed, in the year 2782. The damage was catastrophic. In an instant, billions of both humans and Chosen died as the Breach caused by the Moon collision left a massive tear in Sanctuaries surface and the Moon continued on, falling into the Sun. As the Moon impacted, the Eclipse became misaligned, plunging Earth into freezing darkness.

Considering the Mooncrash to be a deliberate attack, the EDA and the Chosen declared war on one another, sparking the greatest conflict in human history. The resulting war was unlike any other, bringing untold destruction and devastation upon humanity’s paradise. With the conflict quickly escalating, the worker bots responsible for the maintenance of the sphere were repurposed into deadly war machines. Creating a new breed of independent AIs to lead the repurposed worker bots, Ra unleashed the Guard, a merciless, robotic army determined to protect Sanctuary from further damage, through pacification of the warring factions, by force.

Currently, Sanctuary is a little over two thirds complete. It appears as a gargantuan, semispherical, glimmering multifaceted metal platform sporting various environmental biomes. In addition to the natural biomes there are also sprawling metropolises sequestered wherever space provides to accommodate the 100+ billion lives living on Sanctuary’s surface. Sanctuary however is far from being the xanadu paradise it was supposed to be. Great chasms of serrated, metal teeth gnaw hungrily into the vast expanse of space, evidence of the Moon-crash and the countless battles still brewing abroad. War ravaged shells of cities, encased by the darkness of space, loom over scorched earth and barren wastelands, painful reminders of better days, long past.

However despite the rampant destruction pervading Sanctuary, not all is consumed by warfare. The size and scope of Sanctuary has allowed small areas to exist, which protect a few fortunate inhabitants from the chaos occurring elsewhere. Though not fully free from the impacts of the war, these areas serve as safe havens for refugees and civilians. Filled with technological marvels and surrounded by nature's bounty, such iridescent cities stand as painful testaments to humanity's better days. With the war getting worse however, it's only a matter of time before they too shall succumb to the vicious wars surrounding them.