Moon crashed Sanctuary

Far into the future an overpopulated and polluted solar system is in desperate need of a new home. An AI going by the name "The Guard", presents to humanity a way of saving them from their ever growing need for resources and ever increasing, life-endangering pollution. The Guard would drain material from the sun itself in order to construct a Dyson sphere, the AI named this sphere “Sanctuary”. Only several decades after construction began, parts of Sanctuary were already habitable. First millions, then billions of humans started to call it home.


A group of scientists began work on a procedure that could transfer or rather “Ascend” the human mind into a computer where you could live in a digital world. Post-ascension, they were named Azrael's, after the angel that takes the soul from the body. The beings that were uploaded in this way were Azrael's. The process of picking a was a vigorous one leading to the moniker “Azrael’s Chosen” or simply “The Chosen”, and upon Ascending, a Chosen gives himself a new name and is assigned a place in this digital society. The Chosen being immortal and also more intelligent quickly rose up through the ranks of society.


This new “species” was both fascinating and polarizing to the mortal humans, when asked to handle great administrative tasks by the old humans, they nonchalantly obliged and, with every turn, effortlessly pulled feats of adroitness that revolutionized the job in question. It was hard to argue with the results and hard not to give in to the temptation of a brighter future. But there was also a growing divide on the matter of their growing responsibilities among mortal humans and Chosen alike : did it matter that under mortal human organization, governance and legislation, more died and suffered if it was more than counteracted by morally desired goals like independence?

During the years that these questions continued to be front and center and despite these issues remaining unresolved the gradual loss of mortal human’s control over their own agency continued to take place to the opposed element’s dismay and utter frustration. Some mortal humans agreed : it was demonstrably for the best, other MH couldn’t stand this.


Likewise the Chosen remained divided : these are our kin, our venerable ancestors, the least we could do is leave them their agency, we have no need to control both their affairs and our own. While the clear majority of Chosen felt their arbitration and help was not merely asked of them it was unquestionable. It didn't help that humans were delegated to more and more simple tasks as almost all the leaders and high ranking people were now Chosen. Tensions between rebellion groups and Chosen were at the brink of war more often than not.


A new Chosen, pseudonym : Mephisto, harboring intense disdain for Mortal Humans, quickly gained a following of like-minded Chosen. Initially talking up threats and promoting hate and violence against the uprisings on earth, sometimes going as far as threatening all Mortal Humans. Eventually talk turned to actions and on occasion the uprising suppression turned violent. A faction known as the Earth Defense Alliance (or EDA, for short), was formed on the basis of counter-acting Mephisto and his followers, but accrued anti-Chosen sentiment as well as more members joined.


These two entities clashed verbally and physically at an ever-increasing pace. After some lengthy negotiations the Chosen sided with the Mortal Humans and detained Mephisto to prevent all out civil-war. Due to the EDA governing humans rather than Chosen governing humans yielding better adoption and considered more ethically correct; this faction became appealing to a vast majority of MH, and as such, the EDA grew exponentially on both earth and Sanctuary.

While EDA now led most of human society, uprisings against both EDA and Chosen were commonplace. The EDA did their best to control humanity but it was not always an option, uprisings and attacks in Chosen territories were left for Chosen to deal with, generally brutally making an example out of the uprising, which were touted by the EDA as a crime against humanity. In a cycle of Chosen political control that, unfortunately, favored the Futurists (as opposed to the Benevolents) the controversial resolution to dock the moon and then also the Earth into specially made openings in Sanctuary was passed. This plan succeeded the Futurist’s failed previous plan to simply dismantle the Earth in order to build additional sectors on Sanctuary.


Only a week before the moon was meant to arrive it’s thrusters burnt all their fuel putting the moon on a critical collision course with Sanctuary, despite all efforts to stop it the moon slammed into Sanctuary, tearing a titanic breach in it, the chain reaction from the initial impact destroyed more than 15% of Sanctuary, a gaping wound christened “Breach” by Mortal Humans and Chosen alike. Driven by sky high tensions, many groups of extremists wanting to destroy one faction or the other had sprung up over the decades, but it was only now, with Breach, that one had succeeded in a plan of this scale - taking control over the moons thrusters and surviving just long enough to put it on a collision course with the sphere. The damage caused by the moon destroyed the Chosen’s HQ along with most of their military. The Chosen’s line of succession was clear, they quickly recovered their governmental structure but their societal infrastructure was heavily damaged. To compare this attack to pearl harbor would be an understatement.

This sealed the fate of the Benevolent party, who’d lost all credibility, the Chosen united under a single banner and declared this an act of war perpetuated by EDA and by extension Mortal Humans and retaliated by closing “the Eclipse”, the aperture that let light from the sun reach earth. This plunged the Earth into the dark and into an unnatural ice age. The Eclipse’s closing was also followed by attacks on many critical EDA strategic locations.

The war raged on with more and more of Sanctuary being destroyed. Suddenly and unsuspectingly a third faction joined the war, popping up all over Sanctuary. They began indiscriminately decimating Chosen and EDA alike, now facing a third threat: EDA and Chosen’s conflicts grew even more desperate, both sides feeling forced into actions that previously were avoided. Driven to do so by the increasing damage to the Dyson sphere, the machines that built it calculated that pacifying both factions was the only way the war would end before the mounting damage became irrecoverable. Sanctuary had to stay intact.


In the initial moments of this new war between these three entities, The Guard created specialized robots that were free to think and act on their own, them being autonomous from her fulfilled two goals, firstly it wouldn't matter if her signal to them was disrupted or cut entirely even for long periods of time, and secondly there would be no delay for their actions. In order to manage the immense task of maintaining a Dyson sphere, Sanctuary was designed to be an intelligence in and of itself. This AI was called CORE. Despite being unfathomably intelligent its motivations were its own, while it did not like the idea of its mother attacking the humans and Chosen that it had come to know and respect, it understood that she was doing it for both of them.

On occasion CORE would intervene and give instruction to a faction be it its mother, EDA or chosen to help reduce collateral damage to Sanctuary in their necessary battle, The Guard shared CORE’s concerns but sometimes damage to Sanctuary was a necessary outcome to ensure she could hold her ground.