Frequenty Asked Questions

What Is Sanctuary ?

Sanctuary is a grand scale video game set in real time, which started development on the first of September 2020.

Its aim is to bring a total of 10 000 units with simulated projectiles running across the net for 8 players into the modern era of performance.

What makes Sanctuary Stand Out?

It doesn't lag; it actually runs spectacularly well. Thanks to its focus on performance and multi-threading, it'll utilize all of your available threads evenly.

It's also quite a looker.

Expect big announcements in 2022 about the unique features Sanctuary brings to the table.

Target Platform?

  • The PC exclusively; and within that slice:
    Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit.

Microtransactions? Loot Boxes?

No. This title hearkens back to the days of "I paid once, now leave my wallet alone". Something like paying for the ability to skin your units, either with a skin you made yourself, or one we made is not out of the question. No pay-to-win.

What regions of the world will this be playable from for multiplayer?

We aim to be playable worldwide. (In countries not trade-embargoed by the western hemisphere)

How Can I get Involved?

You want to help out? Contribute something? The best way is to visit our Discord, you'll be able to learn about what there is to do and get in touch with the dev team. Maybe even join.

Will there be a beta?

Yes we aim to have it in January of 2023 at the latest

Will There be a Kickstarter?

Yes, within the second half of 2022.

Say your Kickstarter succeeds, what will be part of the 1.0?

  • A full-fledged Naval army

  • A fully featured Campaign telling a rich and epic tale. Story mode playable in co-op or alone

  • An AI with varied settings, adaptable to your needs

  • Automated matchmaking for ladders ranging from 1v1 to 8v8

  • A rating system plus our full suite of player stats (with a replay vault)

  • At least 25 beautifully crafted maps with a sense of verticality

  • Randomized map generation

  • 2 high-stakes tournaments hosted by us on our servers (guaranteeing no cheating)

  • Start in the middle of a replay

  • Pick up as player at any chosen point in the replay

  • With a full close and restart of the game: Reconnect support

  • Picture-in-picture notifications 

  • War Over the Dyson Sphere seasons (Multiplayer Meta Game)

  • Full Modding and mapping support

  • Linux Support

(plus all of the features from the column on the right)

Say your Kickstarter Doesn't succeed, what will be part of the 1.0?

We'll still have a playable game :

  • Skirmish Player vs Player

  • 2 factions guaranteed, very likely 3 (good balance that will continue to be tweaked for at least a year)

  • 50 units (including buildings) per faction

  • Full-fledged Land, Air armies

  • Support for 10 000 units map-wide

  • Up to 8-player

  • At least 5 beautiful maps of varying sizes

  • 1h30 of Sanctuary Soundtrack

  • Discord integration for inviting friends

  • Map Editor included with game

  • Some modding capability

(To be very clear: there is no single-player experience in this case)

What engine is this made in?


Tentative Minimum Specs?

It's really too early to say but at the moment :

  • 4-core 3Ghz

  • 16 GB of RAM

  • GTX 1050 ti or better

Do you have any specific questions yourself?

Come visit us on our Discord!