Three Factions

Which one will rule Sanctuary?


Fighting back against the injustice of The Chosen, Humans wage a desperate war not for their rights but for their very survival.


Taking to the battlefield, the EDA bring their tenacity, resilience and outright defiance, which is reflected with their tried-and-tested robust tanks and technology.

Sanctuary EDA tech three tank.png


Ex-humans who transferred their consciousness from flesh to machine. The next step in Human evolution,

these Post Humans' heightened intelligence is matched only by their aesthetic sense.


They wage war from their super-computer networks, leading armies of war machines as aesthetically pleasing as they are deadly.

Sanctuary Chosen tech one tank

The Guard

The construction machines, they built the paradise that is Sanctuary, now turned to war with a single mission: to pacify the other factions in an all-stakes bid to save Sanctuary from destruction.


Reinforced and refitted, The Guard are cold and calculating machines.

Guard tank front