Three Factions

Which one will rule Sanctuary?


A coalition of humans dedicated to the rights and sovereignty of all human beings. Formed over a century of increasing polarization and a need for the human race to be united, and although initially a small organisation of which little was expected to arise, the EDA rose up and became the de-facto governing body for all humans when confronted with the advent of the Chosen. 

The EDA favours simplicity and effectiveness over the elaborate designs of their enemies. Their state of the art stealth systems allow the EDA to surprise unsuspecting foes. Using a combination of stealth and robust armour, the EDA packs a punch where their opponents least expect it. Commanding vast human populations and innumerable resources, their might is slow and cumbersome but fearsome, just like their military. With a war philosophy favouring shock and awe tactics, expect the EDA to decimate enemies with a plethora of destructive armaments, their brutality matched only by their simplicity. The EDA have become masters of guerrilla warfare, using specialised tools which will give skilled leaders ample opportunity to flex their tactical prowess as a Sentinel of the EDA.


A society of Post-Humans who have transferred their consciousness from flesh to machine. Believing themselves to be the next step in Human evolution, their heightened intelligence is matched only by their aesthetic sense. The Chosen wage war from their super-computer networks, leading armies of killing machines as beautiful as they are deadly.

The Chosen are the most technologically advanced of all three factions, utilizing sleek designs and personal shielding to close the distance and crush their enemies with a deadly array of exotic energy weapons. Their war machines are very specialized, but also expensive. An emphasis on quality over quantity will require managing fewer units to greater effect. Each of their Sentinels houses the consciousness of an individual Chosen, and should it be destroyed the consciousness dies with it. The Chosen are few in number, so utmost care must be taken in protecting these peerless field marshals.

The Guard

Sanctuary’s builders, now it's protectors. They wage war for a single purpose: to pacify the other factions and prevent further damage to the Dyson sphere. Reinforced and refitted, the Guard are a cold and calculating machine army that will save their creation by any means necessary.

Nobody knows Sanctuary like the Guard do. Their intel and reconnaissance capabilities are second to none, letting them choose exactly when and where to engage their foes. Lacking the robust designs of EDA military hardware or the advanced shielding of the Chosen, the Guard tend to rely on overwhelming numbers of near-expendable drone vehicles, supported by a smaller complement of unconventional specialist units and powerful Experimentals. The most effective Guard Sentinels are able to keep constant pressure on their enemies, waiting patiently for them to tire before delivering the final blow.

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