Sanctuary is a Real Time Strategy Game set far in the future on a Dyson sphere.


Three factions vie for power on what could be a prosperous utopia but is instead a warring hellscape.


Take command of thousands of units on a vibrant battlefield as you guide your armies to their ultimate victory, or their final defeat.


What will you do, commander?

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In this game every ballistic is simulated in real time, meaning things take on a much more real and tactile dimension 

Get immersed into the heart of the battle, as only the way things actually end up playing out truly matters


With up to 1000 units under your direct control and up to 40 km by 40 km maps as a battleground.

This game helps you prioritize Macro over Micro and take in the true meaning of strategy over tactics


You overlook a huge battlefield and have every last unit at your fingertips. You can control everything from a single view in which you can zoom into the smallest scout and out to the entire map.


A responsive and engaging economy that closely mimics that of real life and adds yet more depth to this RTS No spending limits, no speed limits, just the cold hard reality of income minus expenses